Team Lina T-shirts

I could spend this post telling you about my day yesterday, when I lost one of my Mother’s Day rings at the Target checkout and had to hunt it down, then realized I’d locked my keys in the car on a day I’d forgotten my cell phone at home, then had to try to comfort a five-year-old who fell and cracked his head on the floor while we waited for daddy…

But really, I’d rather tell you about the Team Lina shirts we’re offering to support the Buddy Walk. The design was hand-drawn, and I think they are terribly fun. Wear your shirts to the Buddy Walk, or support Team Lina in style from afar! They come in a full range of kid and adult sizes and are $18/each, with all proceeds going to our Buddy Walk fundraising efforts.

Order your Team Lina shirts today!!

Support Team Lina!

Sorry to make this blog fundraising central for the next few weeks, but I will be posting regular reminders that we are raising funds online for the 2013 Buddy Walk on October 19. The majority of funds will go toward essential programs for people with Down syndrome and their families here in Middle Tennessee. The Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee is doing great work, and our family directly benefits from their efforts. A small portion of funds will also go to the National Down Syndrome Society, which is doing great work at the national level.


I am in birthday party planning mode this week. In the rare quiet moments, I marvel that in two days, my Lina will be one year old. It doesn’t seem possible. I have a lot to say about that, but I’ll save it for an upcoming post. For now, I’ll just say that she is an amazing gift to our family, and we are so grateful for the support resources our community offers for her and families like ours. These organizations depend on the generosity of people who understand the importance of what they do. Your donation will mean the world to us as we celebrate one year with our sweet girl. THANK YOU for helping us reach our very optimistic fundraising goal!

And local people – come out and walk with us! It’s FREE if you register by September 19. We’re going to have a great time strolling around Centennial Park with a lot of other awesome people. Celebrate with us and be an in-person member of Team Lina!