That sweet face – 3 months


Eline at three months

  • Smiles more and responds to us with wiggles and a growing variety of coos
  • Can roll onto her side and is working very hard to roll from back to stomach
  • Tolerates tummy time pretty well
  • Sucks her thumb but gets frustrated with not being able to keep it in her mouth for very long
  • Sleeps at least 6 hours at night
  • Takes 4 – 4 1/2 oz. of mixed formula/breast milk six times a day and generally leaks much less than she had been
  • Hates wet or dirty diapers (I have to remember to check her diaper when she gets fussy, since that was never something Corin minded!)
  • Weighs about 11 lb. and is just over 22 in. long
  • Is getting better at holding her head up but is still a little wobbly
  • Can grip small, light toys for short periods
  • Continues to be a generally happy, content and easy-going baby

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Telling us all about it


It’s hard to talk about what Lina has brought to our lives without wading deep into sap. But truly, she is a joy. Down syndrome is certainly a part of who Lina is, but it no longer feels as if it defines our reality or determines how we view our girl. When strangers admire my baby, I feel pure pride. Jon and I both find we sometimes forget there is anything different about Lina. Sure, we continue to be confronted with the fact that her muscles are not as strong as many babies, and as a result, her smiles are harder-won. I might feel the occasional stab when I hear parents bragging about their babies’ new accomplishments. But Down syndrome is taking its rightful place as just another small part of our family’s story and of who Lina is. It feels good.

Win, lose or draw on the home front

I’m not going to lie. The last couple weeks have kicked our butts. No special reason, really. Just a lot of very tired and not keeping up. I planned to share photographic proof of our perpetual laundry situation, but now I can’t find the photo. It’s really more of a laundry war, and I can tell you who’s NOT winning.

In any case, the crickets here in the blog world assuredly do not indicate a lack of happenings in the real-world Sharp household.

First of all, we were able to take a last-minute cancellation opening at the Vanderbilt Downs Clinic a little over a week ago. It was no easy thing to drop Corin off at a friend’s house and get ourselves to downtown Nashville, navigate Vandy’s parking and get in to the office by 8 a.m. (okay, we were 20 minutes late), but the appointment was worthwhile. We met with a series of people who specialize in Down syndrome, starting with the doctor and then moving on to various therapists. It was especially helpful to meet with the speech/feeding therapist, who had some helpful suggestions on a new feeding position and a few other tips for the area that is definitely still our major challenge with Lina. The physical and occupational therapists also had some suggestions on activities and play positions we could use to help encourage small and gross motors skills and muscle development. Everyone we dealt with was very friendly and professional and so good with Lina. We’ll be going back at six months for another visit. At some point, they will likely make specific recommendations for ongoing therapy, which will then be incorporated into Lina’s early intervention plan.

Lina turned three months old last week, which I will outline in a separate post. And yesterday, she made her acting debut as Baby Jesus in both performances of our church’s Christmas play. She was perfect, and I admit, I teared up several times.

Baby Jesus

Otherwise, we’ve been very busy with Christmas preparations and the general minutia of life with small children. Lina is on day eight of a frustrating bout with a stomach bug (I’ll spare you the details that have resulted in a terribly sore little bottom), in addition to a stuffy nose she caught from brother, who is on his second cold of recent weeks. ‘Tis the season. We will be leaving soon for a lovely week celebrating the holiday with Jon’s family in Georgia. Added bonus: lots of people on hand who love to feed and entertain our children! In the meantime, I am looking forward to wrapping packages and baking cookies for delivery to the neighbors – two of my favorite Christmastime activities.

And now there is a hungry baby to feed and a napless toddler to help wrangle…

Shades of gray (thankfully less than 50)

This afternoon, my mother-in-law found (and promptly pulled, at my request) two white hairs on my head. Not “maybe they are just really blonde” hairs. White-as-the-driven-snow hairs. WIRY, white hairs.

Apparently, a second child was all that was required to begin the graying process. My friend tells me it’s time to start dying, pronto. I hope to remain at a pluckable number for a while yet. If not, I suppose I will have to cave and break out the dye. Or see a professional, as the recent debacle with Corin’s haircut has taught me may be the wiser route.

But still… So worth it!


I DARE anyone to tell me this baby is anything less than perfect.