That sweet face – 3 months


Eline at three months

  • Smiles more and responds to us with wiggles and a growing variety of coos
  • Can roll onto her side and is working very hard to roll from back to stomach
  • Tolerates tummy time pretty well
  • Sucks her thumb but gets frustrated with not being able to keep it in her mouth for very long
  • Sleeps at least 6 hours at night
  • Takes 4 – 4 1/2 oz. of mixed formula/breast milk six times a day and generally leaks much less than she had been
  • Hates wet or dirty diapers (I have to remember to check her diaper when she gets fussy, since that was never something Corin minded!)
  • Weighs about 11 lb. and is just over 22 in. long
  • Is getting better at holding her head up but is still a little wobbly
  • Can grip small, light toys for short periods
  • Continues to be a generally happy, content and easy-going baby

_MG_3760 _MG_3758 _MG_3792


Telling us all about it


It’s hard to talk about what Lina has brought to our lives without wading deep into sap. But truly, she is a joy. Down syndrome is certainly a part of who Lina is, but it no longer feels as if it defines our reality or determines how we view our girl. When strangers admire my baby, I feel pure pride. Jon and I both find we sometimes forget there is anything different about Lina. Sure, we continue to be confronted with the fact that her muscles are not as strong as many babies, and as a result, her smiles are harder-won. I might feel the occasional stab when I hear parents bragging about their babies’ new accomplishments. But Down syndrome is taking its rightful place as just another small part of our family’s story and of who Lina is. It feels good.

2 thoughts on “That sweet face – 3 months

  1. Jeanne B says:

    I love it! You and Jon are looking at Down’s Syndrome as PART of who Lina is, not her COMPLETE IDENTITY. Lina HAS somewhat of a disability. She is NOT DEFINED by it! Y’all are looking at and treasuring the WHOLE person! Hallelujah!!

  2. VGS says:

    I used to get so tired of people bragging about their kids walking at 7 months, or being off the bottle by xxx months or whatever. My baby who didn’t have any particular syndrome walked at 15 months just because that’s when he walked. All his peers seemed to walk by 8 months (according to their parents!). Lina has her own timetable and every thing she does is an accomplishment!

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