In just a few minutes, I will leave to pick up my baby girl from her first day of preschool. It’s here, and I still can hardly wrap my head around the fact that Lina’s in school.

My tiny girl weathered drop-off pretty well. The kids gather in the cafeteria before class starts, and the chaos and noise had her pretty overwhelmed. There was one major hair-pulling incident there, but she eventually walked willingly down the hall to the classroom holding her teacher’s hand and mine. (It was the first time she’s wanted to hold my hand when she didn’t need help!) Once she got into the classroom, the teacher gave her time to do a bit of exploring, and within minutes, she was happy and interested. When I said good-bye, she gave me one of her sweet hugs and kisses and went right back to playing: no tears, no drama. I got an email from the teacher saying she was doing great and LOVED the songs.

A new stage begins. I only cried a little on the way home.



IMG_3835 IMG_3836 IMG_3837



IMG_3844 - Version 2

Man, I really hate that backpack. I’ve got to find a better one. Anyone have suggestions for backpacks that will hold a folder and other necessities but not prevent my tiny child from being able to, you know, walk and stuff?




Bittersweet good-byes

This has been a week of good-byes to beloved therapists. Lina turns three on Sunday, which means she’ll be receiving all therapies through her preschool starting next week.

I admit to some tears, especially when I said good-bye to our beloved speech therapist, who has seen Lina every week since she was around seven months old. I didn’t get pictures with everyone, but these photos with Miss Lola, her TEIS developmental therapist, illustrate the bond between Lina and the remarkable people who have worked so hard to give her the very best start possible.



I can’t express what it has meant to us to have such a fantastic team of professionals supporting, guiding, challenging and encouraging our girl (and often her mama, too). Lina has made remarkable progress over the summer, and she is in a very good place as she enters preschool. Now we look forward to getting to know a new team of professionals who will continue to challenge, guide and encourage her in a more immersive environment.

This is life: bittersweet good-byes, and on to the next thing. We expect great things.