Celebrating new love

This weekend, we made a quick trip down to Calhoun, Georgia to celebrate a pretty special event.

Sixteen months ago, we lost Jon’s beloved Grandma, Ginnie Geary. We saw Grandpa Geary – or Grandpa Bill, as his great-grandkids call him – struggle with grief and loneliness, as any person who has lost a beloved spouse would. We hurt for the loss to the family and for the great loss to him.

Then, a few months ago, Grandpa Bill reconnected online with a lovely woman he once dated in high school. First there were emails, then long phone calls, then the drive to Ohio so he could visit with her in person.  Grandpa Bill was a giddy teenager again, full of renewed energy and joy.

Yesterday, Grandpa Bill and Mary Margaret said their vows before the fireplace in the home they will now share. Both have come through sadness and loss and have found new love and happiness in each other. We are so pleased Grandpa has found someone wonderful to share his life with.

Welcome to the family, Mary Margaret!










The delighted Mr. and Mrs. William and Mary Margaret Geary









My mother-in-law, Nancy, and Mary’s daughter, Carol, put a lot of work into that beautiful wedding feast. I know it meant a great deal to the newlyweds, and the rest of us sure benefited from the efforts of two very fine cooks.

The way less delightful part of this tale is that we realized just a few miles from Calhoun that Corin was burning up with fever. There was nothing for it by then, so now I just have to hope we didn’t infect anyone else with our germs and he can actually get well in time for our family trip to the Smoky Mountains, set to begin on Wednesday. Pleaseohplease, let this not be another Winter of Plague. 

One thought on “Celebrating new love

  1. Alice Mattox Drury says:

    Well, a long time ago, I knew a “Bill Geary” when he was going to school at Indiana Academy. I’m glad to find he is still enjoying life.

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