This and that, here and there

This post is mostly a photo dump. First, a few more random pictures from Lina’s birthday weekend, pulled from my camera.


Grandpa Sharp’s endless stores of energy came in handy for hauling the cousins around the neighborhood.








I couldn’t let Lina’s birthday completely pass without saying more about the caramel apple cake. It took three tries to get the caramel sauce right, but it was worth it. This recipe was YUMMY. Also probably the most unhealthy thing I’ve ever made.

My parents suggested we take the kids to an apple orchard last Sunday, so we headed to Jackson’s Orchard in Bowling Green. I was disappointed they don’t offer a self-pick option, but they have a lot for kids to do, the weather was incredible, and we had a lovely day.











This week has thankfully been relatively quiet. (Our barometer for these things has changed. We had three appointments this week, but none required the Vandy trip.) The big development for Corin was the switch to an honest-to-goodness big boy bed now that he is finally nighttime potty trained.


First night in a real twin bed, sans headboard and footboard.


Lovely new bed, passed along to us from Grandma and Grandpa


He’s a fan.


No changing pad!

My favorite season has arrived again, and life keeps moving forward. Lina is this close to crawling, Corin is more independent every day, and change is always on the horizon.

Happy fall!


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