She’s the apple of our eye

Lina’s birthday weekend, in photos

_MG_5034 _MG_5037 _MG_5046 _MG_5047 _MG_5064 _MG_5070


Did you SEE what he just did? I am so embarrassed.

_MG_5080 _MG_5081 _MG_5083 _MG_5084 IMG_5093 _MG_5096 _MG_5098 _MG_5100 _MG_5102 _MG_5104 _MG_5107 _MG_5109 _MG_5113 _MG_5116 _MG_5125




_MG_5137 _MG_5143 _MG_5145 _MG_5147 _MG_5155 _MG_5175 _MG_5188

And a little video of the birthday song

(She did eat the cake and enjoyed it very much.)

Photos and video courtesy my brother, Ryan Harrell. Thanks for being the designated shooter, Ryan!

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