Physical therapy – or, she’s going to rock this, too

Lina had her PT evaluation this morning with a lovely woman named Abby at Hendersonville Medical Center’s rehab facility. Thankfully, this is a 17-minute drive from our house, and I am able to park a few steps from the entrance. Much simpler than a Vandy appointment, where it sometimes feels as if parking alone takes 17 minutes. Also, this place is around the corner from Target, likely to the detriment of the family budget.

Lina was a little show-off at her evaluation. She sat unsupported on the table for 10-plus seconds at a time, manipulated toys with both hands, smiled and “talked” to the therapist, and generally impressed her with her skills. This evaluation did not involve a quantitive scoring system like the speech evaluation, but the therapist was very positive and felt like Lina was doing so well. She said Lina’s muscle tone was not that low, and she did not feel there were any major delays to be concerned about. She felt that with weekly therapy, Lina will continue to make fantastic progress. (I was a little surprised at her recommendation for weekly vs. bi-weekly, but it sounded like that’s her standard recommendation. I may ask her about it at Lina’s first visit.) After the evaluation, Abby took Lina out to schmooze with the other therapists for a minute, and my girl cooed  and waved her feet around as if to make sure everyone saw her stylish sandals.

While Lina and I were busy charming Hendersonville’s PT staff, Grandma was watching Corin and Benjamin, who is staying with the grandparents for a few days. The boys had a blast playing in the sand box, chasing each other around the house, and yes, occasionally arguing over toys. I love that they play together so well, and I can’t watch them without imaging this relationship over the coming years. It always makes me smile.

Summer has been slow to arrive this year in Middle Tennessee. Temperatures are finally climbing, though, and Corin and Lina had the chance on Saturday to go to the pool for the first time this season. Uncle Justin and Auntie Katie have a lovely pool at their apartment complex, and Corin was beside himself with excitement about the outing. Lina finally got to wear her perfect polka-dot suit, and Corin had a blast kicking his way around the pool in his “puddle jumper” floatie. The water was still cool, but Lina was very happy to splash with Auntie Katie. Corin’s teeth were chattering and his lips were blue before he was willing to consider getting out of the pool.

Thanks to Uncle Justin for snapping a photo of Lina’s first dip while I was tied up back at the apartment.


Happy summer, everyone!

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