Vagina dialogues

A dear friend had her baby girl today – the third child after two smart and rambunctious boys – and I have stared so many times at the picture of her beautiful little face. She arrives just a few weeks after another dear friend’s baby boy, and I am dying to hop a plane, train or automobile and get myself to these munchkins before they’re half grown.

I mentioned yesterday to Corin that Miss Harmony was going to have a baby soon. I said, “The baby is in her tummy today, and tomorrow it will be born. Isn’t that exciting?!” Sometimes, I hear myself talking and realize as the words leave my mouth that I am asking for trouble. Sure enough, here it came.

“Lina was in your tummy, but now she’s not.”


“How do babies come out of their mommies?” Oh, boy.

“Mommies have a special place God made for babies to come out.” This was very shaky territory.

“Where, mommy? Where is that place? What is it called?”

And, boom. Boy, did I set myself up for that one. I tried distraction and avoidance, to no avail. My inquisitive son was not to be deterred. I finally decided there was no way out but my tried and true matter-of-fact approach.

“The place is between their legs. It’s called a vagina.”

And there you have it. If you run into my now world-wise son, and he happens to tell your still-innocent child where babies come out, you know whom to blame.

One thought on “Vagina dialogues

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is fantastic!! So very funny! I think I will have my boys call Corin so he can explain it to them! We are too scared!

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