A sudden good-bye

Last week did not end in “hallelujah,” after all. Instead, we learned Friday that we had unexpectedly lost Jon’s sweet grandma, Virginia (Ginnie) Geary.

I missed out during childhood on the experience of doting grandparents who lived nearby. When Jon and I got married, I felt like I’d won the grandparent jackpot. His Grandma and Grandpa Geary took me in as their own with such warmth and love, and I felt so lucky to be close enough to see them often. Since Friday, the memory reel has played almost constantly, of holidays and family vacations in Gatlinburg, of weekend visits, shopping trips, wedding days, Sabbath dinners, meeting new great-grandbabies and all the moments over the past 11-plus years that made Grandma Geary so very, very dear. I know Jon has an even longer memory reel playing. She was kind and generous, gentle and loving, always looking for the very best in people, a lover of beautiful things, a great shopper, a fantastic cook, a world traveler, a beautiful dresser, a good sport who loved to play games and laugh, and a much-loved wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and friend. The whole family is hurting and placing such hope in the promise of a day when we can be with her again.

For those who knew Ginnie Geary, a memorial service is planned for 4 p.m. on July 27 in Calhoun, Ga. If you loved her, as so many did, please join us in remembering the remarkable woman she was.

Grad Sharps

My college graduation, 2002

Three pretty ladies

The moms and Grandma Geary at our wedding, 2002

Jolene Baby Shower_0264

Grandma and Grandpa at our baby shower for Corin, 2010


Meeting Corin, 2010


Corin’s baby dedication, 2010


Corin’s first birthday, 2011


Savannah, 2011




Thanksgiving 2011


Meeting Eline, 2012

I swallow a lump in my throat as I look at what I know now is my last photo of Grandma Geary. I wish I’d taken more. There is so much I never captured. I wish my children could grow up knowing her. Please God, let us see her again soon.