The big nursery reveal

I am pronouncing the nursery FINISHED, although there will still be a few minor additions (like a changing pad and cover) to come. Pictures in a moment, with a list of sources at the end.

First, I want to say a big thank you to my wonderfully talented friend Anca Sommerville, who took almost all of these photos. Second, I also owe many thanks to my husband, who put in long hours painting the closet and installing the new organization system, figuring out how best to hang my tree branch and patiently examining the Jeep to make sure I hadn’t destroyed the undercarriage while trying to pull over to acquire said branch.

And now, we’ll get right to it.

crib and mobile

bedding close-up

mobile detail

reading corner

(Purple candle is from our wedding 10 years ago)up-close shadow box

pillows and crates

rocking chair view

nursery from doorway

changing table

changing table detail

mirror and artwork


right side of closet

left side of closet

corner of closet

closet flowers



Bedding – custom from Etsy (seller: IslaCorinne)
Changing table – refinished dry sink, craigslist
Crib – repainted jenny lind, craigslist
Rocking chair – craigslist
Mobile – bell strands from World Market, embroidery hoop from Michael’s
Pillows – World Market (purple and yellow) and Joss and Main (flowers)
Book case – storage crates, World Market
Shadow boxes – Etsy (seller: barnwood4u)
Framed art and hangar, metal hanging flowers – Kirkland’s
Closet organization – Rubbermaid from Home Depot
Mirror –
Lanterns – Ikea (years ago!)
Remaining knick-knacks – local antiques mall
Tree branch – side of the road

Dog days of 27 weeks

For your entertainment, here’s an exchange I had with another mother after story time at the library this week.

Her: Looking pointedly at my belly, “So how much longer do you have?”

Me: “Longer than it looks like. I’m due October 4.”

Her: Eyes bulging, mouth hanging open, “Oh my. Do you have big babies?”

Me: “Well, Corin was born a little early and weighed 6 lb. 13 oz., so no, not really. I just get big.”

Her: Mumbling, eyes still bulging, “I mean, you look great. I’m just sure you’ll be uncomfortable.”

Me: Smiling as graciously as possible while steering Corin toward the door, “Yes, it will be a long three months.”

Really, I didn’t need this well-meaning mother to confirm that I have hit another growth spurt. Aside from surprising glances in the mirror, the increase in exhaustion and general discomfort has all but assured me: I am getting big. And the third trimester doesn’t even officially start until next week. Maybe I can at least hope it will coincide with a break in the unrelenting triple-digit temps gripping this section of the country.

27 weeks

But there’s plenty of good news. Baby girl is very active, we’ve made some progress on names, and I finished painting the crib this week. I will say this about hand-painting a jenny lind crib: I recommend a sprayer. (Disclaimer: I’ve never actually used one. But I have to assume it would be easier than the pain-staking process of hand coating 52 spindles in one coat of primer and two layers of paint. And it might prevent those couple of drips husband says I should leave but I know are going to eternally bug me.)

newly-painted crib

At last, something to show for all those hours in the garage!