The “Oh, oh, oh” book

My mom learned to read with the Dick and Jane books. I learned to read with the Dick and Jane books. Corin’s first experience reading out loud was with – you guessed it – a Dick and Jane book. Lina recently went through a phase where she carried our big book of collected Dick and Jane stories everywhere, calling it the “Oh, oh, oh” book. (As in, “Oh, oh, oh. Look, Jane. Look and see.”)

And thus, the idea for this year’s costumes was born. We donned them yesterday evening for a fall festival at a church near us.









Oh, Dick, oh, Jane, it was fun. Fun, fun, fun. But oh, Mother, oh, Father, were those kids ever tired when it was over!

Evenings like this

Our Trunk or Treat outing was a success. We decorated our trunk with a Red Flyer wagon, mums and pumpkins. We roasted our veggie dogs. We handed out obscene amounts of candy. Corin and daddy went on a hayride while Lina and I fielded the stragglers. And our kids were absolutely the cutest and best costumed there. You should believe me, because I am clearly an objective source on the matter.

But, really.










We aren’t members of the church that hosted the event and don’t know too many of the Mother’s Day Out parents yet, but both kids had a blast, which made it fun for us. That’s one of the great perks of parenthood; you get to enjoy this stuff through your kids’ eyes. Thank God for evenings like this.

Introducing the new Sharp Family Chariot


That’s right; it’s a minivan. And man, do I love it.

Yes, we were one of three – count them, three – white Honda Odysseys at Mother’s Day Out pick-up time today (four if you count the gray one).  And yes, I realize there is now zero chance I will be mistaken for anything other than a mom for the foreseeable future, whether my children are riding along or not. But the thing is, I am a mom. And I really do love my slightly-scratched-up ’08 minivan, for more reasons than you want me to list. Corin also loves it. He thinks automatic sliding doors are a clear indication we have arrived, and he’s waiting anxiously for our first road trip to test the DVD player.

Negotiating the purchase of our new vehicle in the final minutes before picking our kids up from school turned out to be just one hectic moment in a week full of them. We’re taking things easy this week after fabulously exciting visits from Mimi and friends from Florida and a much-anticipated wedding of very dear friends. We do have a Trunk or Treat event tomorrow, however, and I will absolutely be sharing the obligatory photos of my costumed children (an angel and a cloud, if you were curious).

You think there’s any chance I can keep my still-coughing-up-a-lung son from gorging himself on Halloween candy over the next few days? No? Ah, well. ‘Tis the season.