Whatever may come

I sat in her darkened nursery this afternoon, rocking my sleeping baby, awash in a love so deep it hurt.

I prayed a new prayer. I told God that I was opening myself up to whatever her future holds.

I have always chosen optimism, but today, maybe for the first time, I could throw my arms wide to the unknown. I realized, in the rhythm of the rocking chair and her steady breathing, that being this child’s mother is worth it. Whatever it is, whatever may come, it is worth it. I am hers and she is mine, and that joy┬áis bigger than any fear for the future. I suppose I’ve known that for a long time, but I felt it in a new way today.

In this season of gratitude, I know for certain that I am incredibly blessed.



Jon and I were asked to share a bit of our story as part of a gratitude-focused church service in celebration of this Thanksgiving holiday. Neither of us has much public speaking experience, but we prayed hard and gave it our best shot. It was a beautiful service, but if you’d like to skip to our portion, it begins at 1:17:17 and lasts about five minutes.


I am so very grateful for the two precious lives God has entrusted to us. Jon and I are honored to be Corin and Lina’s parents. Through an often-difficult journey, and through all the chaos and exhaustion of raising young children, we are thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. May your homes and hearts be full this holiday.