Analog Trail

Last Saturday, Jon and I had one of the nicest date nights in recent memory. (Admittedly, it has less competition than we might wish.)

Jon was connected a while back with a local artist who needed technology expertise to help with lighting for one of his pieces. Jon spent quite a bit of time planning, helping to install and then programming a series of LEDs. The piece is called Analog Trail. I think it’s fantastic, and I want to give a shoutout to Phil Foster, who does remarkable work.

Last Saturday night, the piece debuted at the 3 x 3 Art Show. Three galleries in Leiper’s Fork, a little historic village just south of here, opened their doors to the public to feature works by local artists. We admired Analog Trail on the wall and enjoyed the other works with a lot of people who were undoubtedly more familiar with the local art scene than we were. We sat outside in the slightly-crisp air under strings of white lights and a full moon and listened to live music. We wandered out behind the art galleries to watch fireflies flashing their secret messages across the fields. It was one of those perfectly lovely evenings you wish didn’t have to end.

IMG_0640 (1)

The photo doesn’t do the piece justice, and it can’t show the twinkling stars, randomized lightning, flashing phone screen, and flickering campfire. 



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