Quite a view: 2 and Under at GiGi’s Playhouse

I brought my camera to the 2 and Under group at GiGi’s Playhouse today, so you know what that means: pictures of ridiculously cute kiddos.



Lina discovered there is a corner of GiGi’s full of books. The trick now will be to get her to play anywhere else.


This little guy just turned five months old and was fascinated with the ceiling fans. Reminded me of Corin when he was tiny, smiling at the ceiling fans long before he smiled for us!


This sweet girl has come such a long way since I first started coming to 2 and Under. I love getting to see her progress – look at that great sitting!



These kids are growing and overcoming obstacles. Every month, they show progress that comes from a lot of hard work and persistence, from them, and from their parents and therapists. I love getting to watch that progress. I look at them, and I see such bright futures. I see kids who will break down barriers, soften hearts and open minds, kids who will achieve things others said they couldn’t. I see kids who will live beautiful lives of meaning and purpose. Above all, I see kids who will continue to give and receive love and joy so deep that words fail to scratch the surface. It’s quite a view; I hope you see it, too.

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