Sneaking a peek

Today was Kindergarten Sneak-a-Peek at the local school where Corin will be attending come August. The parents and upcoming kindergartners met at a nearby park and boarded a bus for the ride to the school, where we heard from the principal and teachers and a handful of current kindergartners and then toured the classrooms, art room, library and gym.

Corin was SO excited. He asked about Sneak-a-Peek for weeks, and he was nearly beside himself by this morning. I wondered if he might get overwhelmed with so many people and so much to take in, but he did great. He was really pretty confident and self-assured, and he loved every minute of the event. Jon was able to go with us, and Lina enjoyed herself, too, so it was a win for everyone. I will say that one of us is looking forward to August more than the rest…










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