This one’s mostly going to be photos – just bits and pieces of life at home with the arrival of spring. The kids are wearing Easter-season finery to church, the trees are in bloom and nature is feeling downright frisky. I know this because today, that big tom turkey made it in the back yard with one of the ladies he’s been courting for days. The kids were thankfully in school. (I can just hear the questions…)

Also, a male bluebird is obsessed with his reflection, meaning he is pecking at our reflective-coated windows beginning at 6 a.m. Ah, nature.



We’d just read Robin Hood, so he would only let me take his picture with his “bow.”









First bonfire of the season


Being woken at 6 a.m. by a delusional bird (oh yeah, and the hundreds of dollars of vehicle damage caused by gnawing squirrels) aside, having this front row seat to spring has been a dream come true. Corin is now comfortable enough out there to take full advantage of the play opportunities. We have spent hours and hours outdoors, no badgering required. The hammock is hung, we’ve had a few bonfires, and Lina is improving at navigating the uneven terrain. I am so grateful.

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