And she’s off…

Our girl is walking. In the span of just a few short days, she has made tremendous progress. She went from taking a few steps here and there to taking around 20 steps to strolling across rooms and beyond. She turns corners, bends to pick up toys, dances, and generally navigates with confidence. She still stumbles sometimes, and she crawls when she’s in a hurry, but she’s getting more comfortable all the time. The physical therapist was impressed with her form and advised us to stop using the orthotic braces and try just a pair of supportive shoes. (She does still need some ankle support to keep her feet from turning in.) We discovered tonight that we have the perfect pair on hand – beautiful, never-worn Primigi boots handed down to us by a friend. Just in the few hours she wore them, she made huge progress. It looks like we’ve left the braces behind for good.

So, at just shy of 28 months, it has happened. In her usual fashion, she waited to walk until she was sure she could do it well. It’s tricky to catch her on camera, so pardon the dark video.

I guess I officially have to stop calling her a baby now. Toddlerhood has arrived, and she’s not looking back.


2 thoughts on “And she’s off…

  1. Poi says:

    Happy TODDLING

  2. ThoseNewmans says:

    Such an awesome milestone! 🙂

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