Today, Corin greeted Lina’s physical therapist in the following way:

“Hi. I’m Jesus.”

This is the theme of his latest flights of fancy. I allow this to continue, because I figure there is no one better to emulate. I tried to explain that he might not want to go around telling other people he’s Jesus, but you see how much traction I’ve gotten. On the up side, he can also spell and sign the name of Jesus.

If my son should approach you and introduce himself as Jesus, please don’t judge us as blasphemers. I’m 90% sure it won’t be a permanent delusion.

P.S. Today’s therapy visit also included an incident in which Corin observed a family with three boys and then loudly asked, “Who would want three kids?” Clearly, I need to find new ways to keep my son busy in the waiting area.




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