A little daddy

Corin has been talking a lot about being a daddy. He tells me he’s a daddy who’s still a little boy. I think he is trying to say he’s a daddy-in-waiting.

Yesterday, he said he is definitely going to have a little boy, but he wasn’t sure if he was going to have a little girl. I told him little girls were a lot of fun, too, and he decided that yes, he wanted a little boy and a little girl. He asks a lot about family relationships and is starting to get clear how it all works. Last night, I heard from the living room, “Lina, when I have a little boy, I will be his daddy, and you will be his aunt.”

The one part of the equation that remains fuzzy is the concept of a wife. He is unclear on which member of our family will be his children’s mother. I heard Jon explaining to him last night that he would marry someone from a different family. I think he’s still mulling that over.

Frankly, I’m content with this state of affairs. There will come a day when I’m no longer queen of my son’s heart, but I hope it’s a good, long way off yet. Somewhere, another family is likely raising a little girl who will capture Corin’s heart and share his life. Someday, she may be the mother of those children he already imagines. I pray for her sometimes, and for her parents. I pray that they are raising a strong, smart, capable woman of character, someone who will be fun and interesting, kind and unselfish, godly but not pious, a well-matched partner and companion for my son. I’m not holding back on the list of stellar qualities, and so I pray that I will help Corin become the kind of man that girl will want to marry.

For now, I love that he wants to be a daddy someday. As for that little girl: she can wait her turn.

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