The house is quiet, it’s not yet late enough for regret over not heading to bed right-this-minute, and so I will try to do a little catching up on recent events.

The big news around here is that Jon has a new job. He is stoked about this gig. Starting June 3, he will be chief technology officer for a start-up doing some pretty cutting-edge stuff in the field of wearable computing. (Call us gluttons for punishment, but it turns out start-ups are his thing. Also, do I get any geek cred for using the term “wearable computing” properly in a sentence?) It is not an easy thing for him to let go of day-to-day involvement with the start-up project that has been his baby for the last six years, but after some serious deliberation, we both agreed it was the right time for him to move on to new adventures. It’s a big change, but I love seeing how excited he is about this new project, which synchs with his interests and skills in uncanny ways. And added bonus: He will continue to be able to work from home. We anticipated that a job change would involve a possibly-lengthy commute to an office, so this feels like a gift, especially given the thoroughly-established expectation that work days will no longer bleed into the wee hours. Our kids are incredibly lucky to have a daddy who is present in their daily lives, even if it’s just to pop up to say hello or to grab a quick lunch between meetings. I know there are times Jon does not relish hearing the wails of three-year-old tantrums carrying down the stairs, and there may come a time when his company establishes a Nashville office and he is away from home during the day. But for now, this definitely lands in the “win” column.

Otherwise, life is proceeding relatively uneventfully. I have for a little while now been watching a sweet one-year-old girl one or two days a week. Corin loves Claire, and we have settled into a pretty manageable routine. I have even braved a couple outings with all three kids, and as with any new challenge, the trick is to just do it. (I guess Nike beat me to that revelation by quite a few years.) I’m developing biceps from carrying two babies around, which doesn’t hurt my feelings a bit. Also, I see a distinct advantage to Corin learning now to deal with a small person who wants to play with his stuff. They do pretty well together. You might even say they have a little romance going.


Change comes. Life continues. We are tired but so very blessed. That about sums it up.

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