Babies, birthdays and big milestones

In addition to our high school reunion this past weekend, we were able to stop and visit my brother and sister-in-law, where I met my new nephew for the first time. I’m already missing sweet baby Luke.

_MG_4651 _MG_4653 _MG_4656

We also got to celebrate Corin’s birthday again, this time with Jon’s side of the family. Corin had his cake Saturday night, his Mimi made a big birthday brunch on Sunday, and then he opened gifts. (One of his gifts, an awesome Radio Flyer wagon, was already in commission outdoors by then.)





He really hated the food.




The doctor kit is a huge hit. We passed a college the other day, and I explained to Corin that it’s a school where people learn how to be things like lawyers, musicians, business people or doctors. “But,” he says, “I am already a doctor.”




This exciting box…


…turned out to be this VERY exciting gift.

It was a fun and very full weekend. Lina napped for seven hours a day the first three days we were home. I think she has finally recovered.

Which led me today to decide it was time to make up a batch of homemade oat cereal and finally wade into the waters of solid foods with baby girl. Given the difficulties we have had with feedings in her first six months, and knowing this can be a challenge area with DS, I wasn’t sure what to expect for our first go. As it turns out, she finished the small bowl I’d mixed up and actually seemed to enjoy it. We may have a challenge with that tongue wanting to push the food back out, but I’d say that today, Lina rocked this milestone.


What? Do I have something on my face?

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