Notes of gratitude

As of this past Thursday, Baby Girl is rolling from her back to her stomach. Yesterday, we watched her inch forward on her play mat with practice crawling motions. This is on or even a little ahead of a typical developmental schedule, in case you were wondering. I am ridiculously proud.

It’s been an icy winter here on the north end of Middle Tennessee. Last week, we had freezing rain that coated everything in a stunning layer of ice – for the second time in two weeks.

_MG_4009 _MG_4004 _MG_3999 _MG_3997 IMG_3996

We finally seem to be clear of all croup, chest colds and other plagues (someone knock on wood, quick), and I am daring to believe having two children will not, in fact, claim my sanity. This is quite refreshing, as you can imagine. Corin seems to have settled into our new routine as a family of four, Lina’s feedings have improved with her recovered health, and I am finding time to truly enjoy my kids. (This may also be due to the cleaning lady my mother has hired to temporarily rescue me from my housekeeping shortcomings.)

I love starting my week with notes of gratitude.

_MG_3990 _MG_4033_MG_4016_MG_4025

One thought on “Notes of gratitude

  1. Grandpa Bill says:

    Our precious little gal is doing so great! Whatever mom and pop are doing to help her develop so beautifully seems to be right. Of course, you are giving God the credit for His part.

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