Let the festivities begin

Even with my MIL here as back-up while husband was out of town, it took all week to get our Christmas decorations up. They are scaled back some this year, but they are up, and it makes me happy. It also makes my children happy, which is even better.





To be clear, the nativity set only stayed like this for a few minutes before the pieces were strewn about the house.


Photo credit goes to MIL, who got this sleepy early-morning moment on camera.




I can’t get enough of that soft Christmas light glow in the evenings (which begin very early this time of  year here on the edge of the Central time zone). I notice stores are carrying more LED Christmas lights every year, but I can’t do it. The glow just doesn’t seem to have that same warm quality that to me is more than half the point of Christmas lights. I know it’s not very green of me. (My Christmas cards this year are made from recycled paper. Does that make up for it? No?)

This Wednesday, we took a fun outing to see the Christmas decorations at the Opryland Hotel here in Nashville, and then we took Corin across the street to the mall to ride the little train they have there. The Opryland is quite the local attraction, for those who haven’t been there, especially at Christmastime. I was not sorry to miss the crowds that throng as it gets closer to Christmas.


Katie (SIL), MIL (also known as Mimi), Lina and Corin on a little boat ride around one area of the hotel








Someone is learning quickly how to take full advantage of his Mimi’s willingness to fulfill his desires. See the car and the cookie. (And forgive the atrocious haircut. Mommy has decided henceforth to hang up her very dull shears in favor of the professional’s touch. Yikes.)


Today, we had our third visit with Lina’s early intervention teacher, Holly. We love Holly! She is pretty and kind and so encouraging and helpful. She brings a mother’s perspective, as she has FOUR of her own kiddos. She also has her own personal experience with special needs. We are continuing to work on improving feedings, and Holly has shown us some massage techniques and tricks and positions for encouraging muscle development. I think these visits really are going to become highlights of our weeks.



One thought on “Let the festivities begin

  1. Sounds like some normalcy is finally creeping back to your hectic lives. Photography captured so much and your comments made us feel we were right there. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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