Travails of the day

We are currently in the throes of a second attempt at potty training Corin. The first was about five months ago and did not go well. I will just go ahead and say that thus far, potty training is my least favorite parenting experience. Jon is of the opinion that we need to stick with it and he’ll eventually get it. I’m wondering if he’s really just not ready and maybe it would be better to wait until it clicks for him. Of course, I’m not sure it’s really going to be any easier once the new baby arrives. I could really use some potty training wisdom, but more advice just seems to increase my confusion. Where’s a magic genie when you need one?

Also, I’m seeing lots of pictures on Facebook of amazing-looking beach vacations. I have been CRAVING the beach for months. Granted, my increasingly-pregnant self is already of a size to illicit beached whale metaphors, but the sound of crashing waves and sea gulls sounds like heaven. I grew up in Florida and did not properly appreciate the beach when I had it. This must be my penance. (Actually, there may be a 10th anniversary Hilton Head trip in my future. Fingers crossed!) 

On the bright side, I’m about to finish the third coat of paint on Baby Girl’s changing table, and it looks pretty good. I am learning as I go. The crib is looking great, too, but it’s S-L-O-W going. I’ve had lots of help from hubby and my brother-in-law’s wife. I think I’m going to be glad we did it, but the process does lead one to question the wisdom of painting an article of furniture with that many spindles. 

Sunday is Father’s Day. It snuck up on me a bit this year. (Okay, these holidays nearly always sneak up on me.) I do want to take a moment, amidst the challenges of the day, to say how grateful I am for the two most important fathers in my life. I honestly don’t know how one girl gets lucky enough to have a daddy and a husband who are both outstanding fathers. My dad is a man of character and kindness who has made me feel valued and loved throughout my life. He is a constant source of wisdom and encouragement. I could go on for a long time about memories of bedtime math stories that were somehow both educational and immensely entertaining, about the high expectations that helped keep me from straying too far when things got a little crazy, about the many family vacations and the good advice that stuck… And then I married a man who is just that kind of father to our son, and I know will be soon to our daughter. Corin does not yet know how blessed he is to have a daddy who is such a part of his life, but he will someday. He will have a long list of memories like mine, and I am so grateful. 

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